About Abacus Gyan

Abacus Gyan is a professionally managed And ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute which started 15th Auguest 2014 with its presence in 17 States of India now and Abacus Gyan is also providing training , Materials And Franchise for foreign countries. In India, Abacus Gyan is proving Free Franchise in Abacus, Vedic Math , Brain Activation Programs For Child And Adults , DMIT , Digital Marketing and other 40 courses. Abacus Gyan Provids quality training to teachers.so any person, institute, schools or any body could open own Educational center at very low insvestment. The Abacus Gyan designed Courses for students in the age group of 4-14 years and also Job Seeker .

These courses promote Whole Brain development by stimulating both sides of brain along with enhancement in skills, which leads to greater confidence in students to succeed in School Curriculum& also in all walks of life. Abacus Gyan is Going to organize Abacus and vedic math Competition .

Abacus Gyan glad to offer exclusive Free Abacus Franchise, Abacus Training as well as Franchise & Training for every Course offered by the Company to dedicated teachers/individuals/institutions with very little investment. Abacus Gyan’s MD Mr. LalitSharma believes in nurturing talents & supporting each Franchise by providing Continuous Training Support till he/she becomes independent in terms of all the business aspects. Each Franchise, Course Instructor, Student & Parent is considered as an Asset of the Company & is well looked after.


ABACUS GYAN’S Mission Providing Free Abacus Franchise, No Royalty. We Franchise Provide Only Training and support. Abacus Gyan’s Main Obeject of Providing Teachers and Students Value Based Quality Training and Education by Best innovative teaching methology for Boosting Theire Skills and Abilities Creating common platform to unlock his/her hidden potential to enhance Overall Competency which is a necessity For Future.
To provide Quality Support to Franchise by providing Free Abacus Franchise and Quality Training By Online and manual for different Courses thereby fostering Mutually Beneficial Partnership.


“Abacus Gyan combines an ancient teaching tool with modern instructional expertise to stimulate child development and whole brain development while promoting learning and math in particular, as fun and exciting.”

  1. Working with a vision to maintain leadership position in Free Franchise And Training Abacus Gyan working with a vision to maintain leadership position in Free Franchise And Training in india
  2. Teaching young generation with a fun based method for Continuous Growth
  3. Increasing their brain’s development and enhancing brain’s abilities and Skills
  4. Providing Quality in Training in Abacus , Vedic math and other related aspects.

I’m Lalit Sharma and I’m The Founder of The ABACUS GYAN. I’m On A Mission To Help 10,000 Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Teachers Achieve Financial Freedom Using Power of Abacus, Vedic Math, DMIT, Coding & Robotics.

Whats Dr. Vivek Sharma Says About Me

Lalit Sharma has expertise in Abacus & Vedic Math Edtech, If you want to start your Education business, Join Lalit Sharma and become A Digital Coach Or Eduprenure.

Dr Vivek Bindra